How to create a Javascript Map from an Array or an Object and vice versa - Map Part 3


In our previous articles on Map, we learned how to create a Map and use its properties and methods and iterate over it. In this article, we will learn how we can convert a Map to array and object and vice versa. Let’s get started.

Creating a Map using Array

Let’s create a Map using the new keyword and put elements in it using the map.set() method.

let map = new Map();
map.set("1","first element");
map.set(1, "second element");
map.set(true, "hello world");

Instead of adding elements using map.set(), we can pass an array of key-value pairs to initialize a Map.

let map = new Map([
  ["1", "first element"],
  [1, "second element"],
  [true, "hello world"]

If we have to put a large number of elements in a Map, initializing a Map by passing an array of key-value pairs is more intuitive than initializing it with map.set().

Creating an Array from Map

To create an Array from Map, we can use map.entries() method.

let newIterable = map.entries(map);
//return iterable with [key,value] pairs

let newArray = Array.from(newIterable)
// We will get a 2D array having [key, value] pairs.

We can also pass a Map directly to Array.from() as Map returns an iterable of [key,value] pairs by default.

let newArray = Array.from(map)
// We will get a 2D array having [key, value] pairs.

To get an array of Map keys and values, we can use the same approach as above.

let newKeysIterable = map.keys()
let newValuesIterable = map.values()

let keysArray = Array.from(newKeysIterable);
let valuesArray = Array.from(newValuesIterable);

Creating a Map from an Object

To create a Map from Object, we can convert an object into an array of [key, value] pairs and then create a Map using it.

let obj = {
	"name": "hackinbits",
	"type": "website"

To get an array of key-value pairs from the above object, we can use Object.entries().

let newArray = Object.entries(obj)

let map = new Map(newArray);

Creating An Object from a Map

If we want to convert the Map in our previous example, back to Object it was created from(obj) we can use Object.fromEntries() method.

Object.fromEntries() takes an array of [key, value] pairs and returns a plain javascript object.

let newArray = map.entries();

let newObject = Object.fromEntries(newArray);

We can pass the Map directly to Object.fromEntries() and we will get the same result Map returns an iterable of [key, value] pairs by default.

let newObject = Object.fromEntries(map);


In this article, we learned

  • How to create a Map using the new keyword and using a [key, value] array.
  • How to get a [key, value] 2d array from a Map.
  • How to create a Map from a plain Javascript Object.
  • How to create a plain javascript Object from a Map.

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